There are many things I can say about the high quality of service I provide to my home seller and home buyer clients, but probably none would be as credible as testimonials from some of my recent clients themselves.

So please take a moment to read the following testimonials. I hope they indicate my experience and integrity, as well as make it clear how much I enjoy helping people with their real estate needs. I would be happy to email you additional testimonials if you are interested.

"Despite entering the market at the worst time of the year, two days before Thanksgiving, Gary was able to help sell my place in 2.5 months. I've sold many houses before and this timing was amazing. He also stayed in constant communication about how to best market my condo. If you have a house or condo to sell in the River Oaks, Galleria, Bellaire, Montrose, Greenway Plaza area, don't hesitate to contact Gary to receive an honest evaluation of your price and timing expectations"

- J. Hernandez 3/13/2017

"Very knowledgeable and great to work with"

- Z. Keller 2/8/2017

"Gary is amazing. He went the extra mile. I want his help in all my future houses"

- T. Tran 11/19/2016

"Gary was a pleasure to work with! I would use him again the next time I need an agent."

- T. Tran 10/31/2016

"I feel like he went above and beyond to help me. Definitely will recommend."

- C. Lei 10/24/2016

This is the sixth transaction in the last 4 years that Gary has flawlessly handled for me. The fact that I have awarded Gary a five star rating across every category should say more than I ever could in this small box. Well done Gary - again!"

- S. Rampaul 9/2/2016

"Gary and his team did an exceptional job throughout the process and I appreciate his hard work and dedication."

- S.Odhwani 8/25/2016

"Gary was an amazing realtor! So helpful and hands on, we couldn't be more happy with our experience and our new home!! Thank you!!!!"

- A. Basye 8/13/2016

" He was very nice and helpful. We are very glad we went with him."

- A. Castelline 8/12/2016

" Working with Gary was great! He was prompt, flexible, and made the whole process of starting a new lease seamless!"

- E. Wice 6/29/2016

"Thank you Gary for you help. Your service as always is excellent. "

- D. & E. Robinson 6/7/2016

"Most awesome experience wonderful top notch agent !!!"

- S. Carroll 1/22/2016

"Gary is a knowledgeable and understanding realtor, who listened to our requests and is informed on the pulse of the market."

- E. Fountain 1/22/2016

"Mr. Ismail has been an exemplary real estate professional. He was my agent when I purchased my home in 2013 and when I sold in 2015. Although my purchase was outside of the normal area he sells, he was highly informed and used his skills to know and understand the area where my home was located. Communication was quick by phone and email and always addressed questions or concerns with accurate and helpful information. I think he gave well educated and informed advice without being pushy. Most notable he was able to handle the sale while I was out of the country requiring coordination with title, buyer, power of attorney which was all done with seemingly ease and skill. I would definitely recommend him without any reservation."

- D. Ramstad 1/5/2016

"Gary came through yet again! Gary's tenacity once again ensured the best possible transaction with the least possible issues, which I can only put down to his ability to identify potential problems before the surface."

- S. Rampaul 12/21/2015

“Gary said he would get my property sold ASAP and he lived up to his word! He works hard to make deals happen while representing your best interest all the way. Gary was a pleasure to work with and our personalities clicked right away. He was referred to me by a friend who also had a positive experience with Gary and I had a very positive experience as well." - N. Williams 9/8/2015

"Gary is an excellent real estate agent and was extremely helpful during my first time home buying experience. He understood our needs and was very patient while showing us A LOT of homes. He worked around the clock for us to make sure things moved a long quickly. He communicated with us throughout the entire process. I would recommend Gary to family and friends and will definitely be calling him when I'm ready to sell and move on to something better."

- B. Leonard 5/30/2015

"Working with Gary was a very seamless process. He was very professional and attentive to detail. Looking forward to working him in the future."

- S. Odhwani Date 5/8/2015

“I am very pleased with Mr. Ismails professionalism. He made our selling process very easy. He explained everything we needed to know about selling the house and was very knowledgeable about our neighborhood. He was very patient and punctual. I really enjoyed working with him.”

B. Williams 02/28/2015

“Mr. Gary was very attentive to our needs and listened to all of our requests. His punctuality was impeccable and was very prompt to respond emails, calls and texts. I highly recommend Gary, for he is very knowledgeable in his industry!”

J. Jimenez 02/28/2015


D. Collins 02/12/2015

“In all of my experiences, I've never come across a person when there where commissions involved, to be as patient, hard working, completely honest and as concerned as we were for our personal interest as Gary was. He worked with us for three years with so much patience for one little property. It was truly blessings having him beside us. Thank you so much for your hard work and all of what you have done.”

A. Muhammad 01/04/2015

“Gary was exceptionally congenial, efficient, helpful, knowledgeable, and prompt in all communications/interactions. Highest recommendation!”

P. Massman 01/02/2015

“Would not hesitate to recommend Gary to other clients.”

Dr. Boutell 01/29/2014

“Gary is an intelligent hard worker and is very attentive to your needs. He defiantly has the experience and knowledge to represent his clients. I like how he gets things done without you having to ask. My experience with him was very pleasant and easy. Thanks for your help, Gary!”

L. Reyes 12/29/2014

“Gary Ismail has provided me with excellent service as a realtor. He is very prompt, polite and cares about his customers. He is very knowledgeable of the Houston real estate market and has provided us with great advice time and again, with our real estate investments. He is a great person to work with and is very trustworthy and friendly. I would greatly recommend Gary for any real estate transactions in the Houston area including the suburbs. He is the best!”

S. Desai 12/29/2014

“Gary is an awesome Realtor. He is very prompt with returning calls and e-mails and is very experienced and extremely competent. He is always available to answer my questions and work around my schedule. I have used Gary twice and will continue to use Gary and recommend him in the future.”

J. Caseraz 11/11/2014

“Gary is a passionate Realtor who cares about his clients interests first. I would recommend Gary to any person looking to buy or sell real estate.”

S. Radcliffe 10/12/2014

Once again, Gary has proven that this is no such thing as impossible. For the third time in 2 years Gary has been succeeded in making things happen when everyone else said it couldn't be done. Well done Gary.”

G. Meeks 10/10/2014

“Gary is knowlegable and very professional. He exceeded my expectations!”

M. Berg 07/08/2014

“As first time home owners, Gary helped us in every way possible. He held our hands and guided us thru the whole process - his expertise was invaluable.”

M. Kim 07/05/2014

“I am so fortunate that I chose Gary as my listing agent. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable and current with the Houston market, he was a pleasure to work with AND got me top dollar for my property. I highly recommend Gary Ismail.”

C. Simpson 07/01/2014

“By far the best…took the stress out of finding my next place to call home!”

V. Lewis 04/03/2014

“If you are looking for positive results in this competitive market then be sure to call Gary Ismail….I was super impressed!”

I. Martinez 04/01/2014

“Gary made quick work and sold the property is two days! Polite, kind and efficient, what more can you ask of a realtor. I would recommend him a thousand times over.”

J. Chandler 03/19/2014

“I did not know Gary prior to my experience with leasing through him. Gary was very professional, always responded to my texts or emails, and made me feel so comfortable with the entire process. I have not leased in quite sometime, and life took a different turn, yet he was so respectful and kind, with a demeanor that just warmed my heart. I will use Gary again when the time comes to buy, and will definitely recommend him to anyone looking to lease or buy. More realtors need to be as unpretentious as he is. He knows how to relate to people. Thank you Gary!”

M. McCraken 12/30/2013

"Professional and Knowledgeble!"

L. Amador 12/23/2013

"The realtor put in a lot of time, displayed detailed knowledge of real estate, and did an excellent job."

R. Selinger 11/21/2013

"Mr. Ismail was a fantastic realtor. I was new to the area and he quickly helped me focus on neighborhood choices, narrowed housing options so we only saw properties that fit the bill of what I was seeking. No wasted time driving all over town and seeing things that were of no interest. He is personable, timely and asked the right questions so I could make a decision. Highly recommended!"

D. Ramstad 08/09/2013

"One of the best experiences I have ever had. Gary is extremely knowledgeable of the Houston Real Estate market. I would highly recommend Gary to any of my friends and family who needs advice in any real estate transactions."

L. Amador 08/07/2013

"Gary was one of the easiest Realtors I have had the pleasure to work with. Gary was very informative and I would highly recommend him to all my family and friends for all their real estate needs."

D. Cropper 08/07/2013

"We have worked with Gary before and we decided to use him again to find our new place. His communication and responsiveness are outstanding, and he gave us personal attention. He was very understanding of our needs and forgiving when we couldn't make up our minds. We would use him again without hesitation."

R. Kampalath 07/20/2013

"Gary is a gem! He listened to me and my concerns. He never pushed me or tried to talk me into a house I didn't love just to get a sale which is what I experienced prior to meeting Gary. I really felt he had my best interest at heart and always felt at ease. I think finding the right Realtor is like finding a new friend, you are putting your trust into this person and all you can do is go with your gut and hope for the best, I really feel I got the best =)"

V. Scandoval 07/16/2013

"Gary is a most excellent and professional agent, very dedicated to his client (me). I am very pleased to have him working for me, now and in the future. Respectfully, Daniel"

D. Robinson 07/03/2013

"Gary was very helpful to my wife and I through the whole process of searching for and purchasing our home. He had the answers to all my questions and was there when we needed him."

Mr. and Mrs. Duffield 07/01/2013

"Gary did such a good job marketing the property we had around fifty viewings within the first week and four contracts lined up the week after."

S. Rampaul 05/08/2013

"Again Gary came through and managed to negotiate his way around MANY obstacles in order to close this deal. Awesome work!"

Mr. & Mrs. Rampaul 05/08/2013

"I love Gary--he has done a great job for everyone I know that has used him. And my experience is the same!"

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson 04/08/2013

"Gary was great, would use again!"

E. Lei 02/19/2013

"Gary was very proactive and responsive. He was also very patient in addressing our concerns and questions about the property. Even though he did not have an answer to a specific question, he would not hesitate to find out for us. He provided his professional recommendations as needed. His client service is definitely above and beyond!"

S. Chang 12/20/2012

"Gary Ismail was VERY responsive to emails & phone/text messages. He was very professional as we had LOTS of questions and he had no problem to explained every details until we fully understood. He had very good knowledge, understood our needs/interests and gave us personal attention. He even had a tenant ready to sign a lease contract for us before we closed. We were very satisfied with his 5 Stars services all along. Great experience for us. We'll definitely use him again. Highly recommended!"

E. Lei and S. Chang 11/02/2012

"In all my years of using realtors I have never come across a more professional yet tenacious realtor as Gary Ismail. Problem Solver Extraordinaire! Each 5 star rating was very much deserved. Thank you Gary!"

S. Rampaul 11/01/2012

"I went with Gary because he was VERY responsive to emails and phone messages, much more so than other realtors. We were very satisfied with his service."

M. Kim 07/10/2012

"Loved working with Gary! We look forward to using him again soon when we purchase!"

Mr. and Mrs. Beavers 06/01/2012

"He's very professional and enjoyed working with him. Would recommend to other people."

S. Rosenblatt 05/27/2012

"My overall experience with Gary Ismail was simply AMAZING!! He listened to what I was looking for in my new place and delivered! Will definitely work with him again for any of my real estate needs. :)"

S. Radcliffe 01/25/2012

"It was the most pleasant experience working with Gary! Not only was he courteous, thoughtful and prompt with responses, but he was so on top of all aspects of my buying experience that he made everything go smoothly. I would and have recommended him to family and friends!"

E. Del Toro 01/24/2012

"Gary was very prompt in responding to all of my requests, whether it was a phone call, text message, or email. He had a great understanding of what my expectations were as a buyer."

T. Salti 01/11/2012

"My realtor was very patient with me throughout the process, from beginning to end. We took more than a month and a half to look at homes and even when I found the home I wanted, he made sure to show me a few more homes to make a last and final comparison before moving forward completely. We made a several offers on homes that someone else beat us to, and he was very patient every time in having to send me all the paperwork. He was great to work with, I will definitely recommend him to others."

J. Yeggoni 12/30/2011

"Great to work with!"

L. Mesen 09/05/2011

"Gary did a great job, even after we were 30 minutes late for our first appointment. He called me a week in advance of my arrival into Houston and then was the only realtor to follow through with his return call."

J. LeRoux 04/05/2011

"Gary was very responsive and helpful in my search for a home here in Houston. I definitely recommend him."

M. Folsom 08/11/2010

"Very knowledgeable and helpful. I'm glad we used him."

B. Richey 04/30/2010

"Gary was the most confident and reliable realtor I have dealt with!! I also used him to purchase my new home!! He is the best on town!!!!"

S. Johnson 04/13/2010

"Very good experienced realtor and with knowledge of the entire process."

F. Barretto 04/05/2010

"Gary did an incredible job! Knows the market well and how to negotiate a sale!"

K. Connolly 11/30/2009

"We were very pleased with Gary and would highly recommend him to anyone wanting a positive house hunting experience!"

R. Blane 10/21/2009

"Gary Ismail is good. Very friendly, knowledgeable and a good business partner!"

J. Nguyen 10/15/2009

"Gary is very competent and professional. He keeps a cool head. I'll use him again!"

B. Willis 09/24/2009

"Exceptionally prompt, phenomenal taste, and practically psychic in knowing what I'll like and what I won't. Gary is an all-around tremendous realtor and a tremendous person."

Y. Golan 06/02/2009